Antonio Scarabosio



Business Services, Industrials, Industry expertise, Milan

Antonio Scarabosio is an associate partner at Clairfield Italy. He began his career on the transaction services team of a leading auditing company in London and Milan. He then joined Prof. Gianni Zandano, former president of Sanpaolo Bank, in establishing the M&A boutique Zandano & Partners. From 2003 to 2010 he was head of corporate finance of Banca Intermobiliare, a listed independent private and investment bank. He joined Clairfield Italy in 2011. Antonio has managed a significant number of M&A deals both with industrial and private equity funds; he has also been involved in some IPOs and other transactions with listed companies such as PPOs and capital increases, and he has assisted important Italian entrepreneurs and their families in transactions such as family buyouts. He holds a degree in business & administration from Turin University. He specialized in merchant banking at Bocconi University in Milan and is a qualified accountant and auditor.