Rodrigo Pasin


Sāo Paulo

Business Services, Cleantech & Energy, Consumer & Retail, Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Industry expertise, Sāo Paulo, Technology & Media

Rodrigo Pasin is a partner and founder of Clairfield International in Brazil. Rodrigo has 20 years of experience in M&A transactions, having participated in 50 operations over the last 15 years. He is the coordinator of the books launched in 2017 called Fusões & Aquisições: Casos de Fracasso e Sucesso na Destruição e Geração de Valor (Mergers & Acquisitions: Studies of Failure and Success in the Destruction and Generation of Value) and Fusões & Aquisições: Estratégias Empresariais e Tópicos de Valuation (Mergers & Acquisitions: Business Strategies and Methods of Valuation). He is also author of the seminal work on the valuation of firms distributed nationally in Brazil: Valuation of Firms: A Guide for Mergers & Acquisitions and Value Management (2004); co-author of Valuation of Firms: A Guide for Mergers & Acquisitions and Private Equity (2010), and Mergers & Acquisitions: Partnership Reorganization and Due Diligence (GVlaw Series, 2012). Rodrigo is a frequent speaker at M&A conferences and seminars on corporate finance. He was formerly employed at KPMG and Unibanco and is currently a professor of finance at FIA – Fundação Instituto de Administração and at GVlaw. He has a masters in business administration with a specialization in finance (FEA/Universidade de São Paulo – Ribeirão Preto).