The need for capital to finance growth is a natural step in the life cycle of a company but presents many challenges, from finding the right investor, to structuring the transaction.

Clairfield starts with a careful analysis of the funding needs of your business. These needs have to be matched with the requirements of potential investors and the fundamental growth prospects of your company. In the next step, Clairfield selects a long list of investors suitable for the industry and funding situation. Investors primarily invest in excellent founder and management teams: We will make sure to put you in front of the most suitable investors for your business to deliver your pitch. Our goal is to take away as much work as possible from a founders’ team during the funding process, so that you do not lose the focus on the day-to-day business.

Analysis of business plans and determination of funding needs

Development of financing strategy: size of round and timing

Definition of long-list of investors based on existing contacts with national and international investors

Support in preparation of pitch book and business plan

Full process support from approach of investors, negotiating term sheets, due diligence to closing of transaction